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28.06.2013 - 12.07.2013 Fieldwork in Barentsburg


Snow Buntings were studied on parasitic and no parasitic  invertebrates by brushing method after using insecticides. Eleven birds were observed. We found many parasitic feathers mites, lice and no parasitic soil invertebrates likes as collembolans and gamasid mites.


Some birds use anthropogenic sources of food.


Natalia tried to catch snow bunting, but Kesha was not interested this study and these birds.


Soils were sempled and temperature logger was installed in the greenhouse during the field work in Barentsburg .



24.06.2013 Xantoria sampling near bird cliff. Krossfjorden, Fjortende Julibukta, Svalbard,Norway (video)


21.06.2013Prof. Steve Coulson changed thelogger. Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard,Norway (video)


17.06.2013 AVIFAUNA team during safety course. Longyearbyen,Svalbard,Norway.


The 2013 fieldwork has commenced with the group arriving in Ny-Ålesund. The plans are to catch geese to search for flightless soil invertebrates. Results from 2012 were promising and the aim of the current field season is to develop the data set prior to publication. 



AVIFauna team 2013 at Ny-Ålesund airstrip on arrival.


1.03.2013 About AviFauna and other projects realized on MMBI station in Barentsburg. Publication by Prof G. Tarasov in Russian Bulleten of Spitsbergen (Russkii Vestnik Spitsbergena) - (PDF RUS)



17.7.2012 Fieldwork in Barentsburg and Ny-Ålesund has ended


The fieldwork done by three Russian Scientists and one Finnish field assistant has finished. Now we are busy sorting out the samples collected in Barentsburg, Pyramiden and Ny-Ålesund.





Nice weather in Ny-Ålesund.                                    Barnacle geese before they were caught.






Young pink-footed geese.                                         A male snow bunting gathering food for its young




Working on the bird cliffs in Barentsburg. From the top it was easy for a field assistant to take photos and rest without being caught.


(photos: Juhani Hopkins)




Natalia Lebedeva explains searching for soil invertebrates on barnacle geese, Ny-Ålesund, 2012.

courtesy of Maarten Loonens YouTube channel.

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New homepage and fieldwork


The Avifauna project has moved its homepage to


July 2012

Currently the project is preparing for the field season. Three Russian scientists and one Finnish field assistant are packing their gear in preparation for a week in Ny-Ålesund. During the week they hope to catch geese and collect inverterbrates from among the feathers. To do so the geese will be placed in fumigation chambers. Similar chambers were recently tested on the purple sandpiper 


A busy lab sorting the first samples, left to right Anastasia Taskaeva, Darius Gwiazdowicz and Pål Hermansen taking photos for another project.











17.7.2012 Fieldwork in Barentsburg and Ny-Ålesund has ended


18.6.2012 Homepage founded and fieldwork


09.05.2013 Planning for the summer fieldwork in progress. Team will work in Barentsburg, Ny-Ålesund and Pyramiden between 20 June - 20 July.

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